Barbie The Welder

By BarbieTheWelder | Jan 12, 2018

Хотите взглянуть, как это делалось?/Want to see how it’s made?

Sky Father

Flying Eagle Fine art metal sculpture Sky God Flying Eagle Fine art metal sculpture Sky God Medium: Steel

Measurements: 5 foot from wingtip to wingtip, 30" tall, 18" from talons to back
Weight: Approximately 60 lbs.
Finish: Clear

The grim reaper

The Grim Reaper sculpture scrap metal art The grim reaper. 18” tall 53 pounds.

The Pumpkin King

Example blog post alt Tim Burton's Jack Skellington The Pumpkin King metal sculpture Nightmare Before Christmas Skeleton Art

Dromedary Camel

Example blog post alt Dromedary Camel Patchwork Steel Scrap Metal Sculpture

Rat Rod Sculpture

Example blog post alt Rat Rod Sculpture


Example blog post alt Bird Silverware Metal Welded Art Sculpture

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